Lucas (Partially) Redeems Himself with Episode 3

Posted on May 26, 2005
This was the first Star Wars movie that I got to see in the theatre that I wasn't utterly disappointed by. Perhaps it was that the first 2 episodes of the prequel trilogy left me with such extremely low expectations, but it was a good feeling to be a little less ashamed to be a nerd as I left the theatre.

The interesting thing about this movie was that we basically knew exactly how it was going to end before it even started. We knew Anakin Skywalker would turn out to be Darth Vader, we knew that Yoda and Obi-Wan Kenobi would live, and we knew that Padme would have Leia and Luke. The focus was instead on HOW these things happened.

For example, I expected I'd be bored by the fight scenes - how exciting can it be when you know both parties in a light-saber fight are going to be alive at the end of it. I think this lack of surprise outcome might have forced Lucas to produce some of the stunning cinematography/special effects that characterized this movie.

If you sat through the first two prequel eps, go see this one - it's better.

On a sadder note, I just realized that this week I watched what could be the last Star Wars movie and what could be the last Star Trek episode (Enterprise's finale was last Friday). I guess we're all doomed to watch reality TV... or *GASP*... read.

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