Book Review: Draco Tavern

Posted on Feb 15, 2010
In the early 2030's, a Chirpsithra star liner pulls into orbit around Earth and begins to descend along the magnetic axis to finally land somewhere in Siberia. The Chirpsithra and operate star liners between many different worlds. Earth needs a way to accommodate the Chirpsithra and any one of a few dozen other species who now visit Earth on Chirp liners.

Rick Schumann is the owner/operator of the Draco Tavern. He stocks drinks for any species that might walk in, and even provides environment suits and translator devices for those who need them. Draco Tavern is like reading 27 short stories about the bar in the famous scene from Star Wars.

The stories range widely in length and complexity. Some are a simple as a conversation Rick had with one of the patrons, and others bring up interesting philosophical points of view, like the 2BN year old creature in "The Green Marauder" who explains how the Earth was contaminated long ago.

I thought the book's format served especially for reading "on-the-go", as I bought it while on my way back from Hong Kong and was able to digest a story here and there on a subway or bus.

I could easily see this book as the premise for an excellent SF Sitcom TV Show. Not all SF on TV should be about space battles!

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