University of Toronto

Posted on Sep 01, 2009
Nov. 2008 - Dec. 2009
Technologies: PHP 5, Cold Fusion 6/MX, mySQL, Adobe Creative Suite

I was hired on a ten month contract by ITS in Robarts Library to work on two unique projects, an existing project called Iter, and a new project for the Jackman Humanities Institute. My responsibilities for both projects included gathering requirements from the groups involved in each project, creating specifications, application design, and development.

Iter is a not-for-profit research project dedicated to the development of online resources for learning and teaching subjects related to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The project contains several customized databases of bibliographic information, and also provides online publication services to several academic journals. One of the most complicated parts of the project is managing subscriptions and invoicing for the hundreds of institutions and individual subscribers who have paid for access to Iter.

The Jackman Humanities Institute is a new organization at UofT mandated with creating programs and opportunities for increasing scholarly communication and collaboration between the various humanities departments at UofT. In addition to a new website with content management, the website also provides a space for JHI members to collaborate online, sharing files, links and participating in discussions. The website also accepts applications for scholarships and fellowships and allows review committees to view and rank the applications.

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