San Francisco, CA

Posted on Jun 23, 2008
Nicole and I just got back from a trip to California. Nicole was at UC Santa Cruz for 3 weeks as part of her summer research job, and I went down there for the last week she was there. She had to work during the days, so I slipped off to do some hiking in the Big Basin Redwood Park and to check out the town. The first weekend I was there we drove down along the coast through Big Sur and stopped in Monterey Bay to check out cannery row (of John Steinbeck fame) and the aquarium.

On the last weekend we drove up to San Francisco and checked out the town. A nice town I must say! Lots of live music, great restaurants and friendly people. We did all the typical touristy stuff: drove the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39, Fisherman's Warf and we were lucky enough to find two separate music festivals happening at Golden Gate Park and the UN Plaza. That said, it is still quite obviously an American city - just a few blocks away from swanky hotels and you're mingling with bums and getting offered drugs. Safe enough, but you still get the sense of the extreme class separation that exists there.

Photos are up here

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