Timelapse of Shovelling in St. John's

Posted on Mar 19, 2012
I recently installed the Magic Lantern firmware on my Canon Rebel T2i. The intervalometer feature it adds allows you to take a photo every x seconds, which you can then compile into a video on your computer.

During the snowstorm this week, I created this timelapse video of shovelling the driveway to make a beer run. The beer was delicious, and the video turned out pretty well too.

This was shot with my 12-24 mm wide angle lens on a tripod from our living room window. It shot an image every 20 seconds, which wasn't really enough, so I actually slowed down the video a little in premiere. If I did it again I would have gone for 1 picture ever 5 seconds, which I think would have produced smoother video. I've since located this handy timelapse calculator which helps.

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Mike at Chance Cove, NL - photo by Angelina Friskney, http://angelinafriskney.com